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11 Easy Toddler Hairstyles

Photos were tougher to execute than the hairstyles
After seeing all these hairstyle tutorials for adults I really wanted one for toddler hair.  Not much luck finding one so I thought I'd make one since I try out new hairstyles for Elena all the time. It's not much different than adult hair but I find that toddler hair has to be fast and easy and something you can do with no products. These hairstyles evolved for me as a way to get her short hair out of her face, in a cute way, not so much as hairstyles for their own sake. Very short and fine hair just can't go into a ponytail! These hairstyles are great ideas for you to try that are fast, look cute, aren't too difficult to execute, and are suitable for securing fine short-medium length hair away from food, mud, etc. Some of them are basic, but you build on the basic to get some fun stuff...

You might need:
  • mildly cooperative toddler
  • a brush or comb
  • hair rubber bands (very small and don’t pull on the hair,  in the kids section)
  • small bobbypins ( half the size of regular ones, great for kids)

The Hairstyles

Uni-toddler. You know when your girl has very short hair so there’s not much a mama can do? This is the classic single pigtail right in the center of the head. Reminds me of a unicorn or a fountain. This one is cute but gets old after awhile.  Great for decorative bows and flowers. 

Classic cute pigtails. All of the hair is tied up out of the face, away from food, in two symmetrical (or nearly so) pigtails, oriented in line with the ears and on top of the head. These can be braided if there is enough hair for that. Also great for decorative bows and flowers.

Mini classic cute pigtails or buns. Like above, but only put up the front half of the hair and leave the back half down. I also like to twist up these little pigtails into buns and secure them with a small bobbypin or barette.

Low pigtails. Same as classic but centered very low and in the back, right above the shoulders. Allows for cute long bangs that can also be pinned up with bobbypins or barrettes.

Vintage inspired with bobbypins. Take a long section of hair near the ears,  twist it around to gather it, then bobbypin it to the side of the head above the ears. I like to crisscross 2 bobbys in an x pattern for extra hold. Repeat on other side. Sides don’t have to be symmetrical. Can also do only one side.

Vintage inspired with hair ties. Start with the mini classic cute pigtails, then take each pigtail, make a little hole with your fingers above the tie, near the head, then flip the pigtail up and through the hole, pulling it through. The band should no longer be visible and the tail should be poking out the bottom where its been inverted. It should stay put unless its very short. You can secure with a bobby. Here I decorated with some cute bunny clips on top.

 Princess Toddler. Start with classic cute pigtails and then invert the pigtails as described for the vintage inspired with head ties style. If you attach hair clips to this it looks very put together. And the hair stays put all day. Good for a formal function.

Toddler Bardot. A messy ponytail, medium height on the head, with long messy bangs. When you pull the tail through the rubber band as you’re securing it, don’t pull it all the way through so it makes a kind of bun/top knot.  This style happens naturally when the hair is just not long enough to be pulled completely back. A variation of this would be 80s toddler—very high ponytail, somewhat to the side, with messy bangs.

Hair tie mania. Make many little ponytails in a crown configuration. I chose 4. Little hair clips also look cute. Braids would also look nice here, but her hair is still too short.

Triple low bun. This can be accomplished using one of two techniques. Divide the hair into three equal sections. Either you can twist each section around like little cinammon rolls and pin them down with multiple pins, Or you can also put the three sections in hair bands then invert them and pin any messy ends down into themselves.

Sideswept look. This one is easily accomplished with wet hair. Comb hair from one side of head across the bangs to the other side. Make a pony tail near the ear of that side or a bit farther back as in the picture (Ex: right hair is combed to left side with left hair, then make left ponytail).  Invert the ponytail as discussed above but instead of making a hole, just tuck the ends into the base of the ponytail and pin down to hide the band. You can either leave fly away hairs on the non ponytail side OR you can pin them around the back of the head like I did in this photo. This style looks really cute and formal with barrettes, would be extra nice if hair was long enough to braid before pinned up.

 Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aw, Elena is SO ADORABLE. And look at all of those cute and even chic hairstyles! I want to figure out that sideswept look for MY hair.


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