Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Las Puertas

Ok so I finally got around to uploading all 2,700 something photos off of my phone! I'm free! I have some here for you of our new house. I watch a lot of Mexican/Spanish language soap operas or 'novelas' and they typically involve a giant ranch home of some sort with a name characteristic of its character. Names like "El Abuelo" for an old ranch, you get the idea. Well this house is "Las Puertas" since it has more doors than I've ever seen in a house. There are at least 20 doors! And its not a huge home there are only 2 bathrooms. Cute late 50's style bathrooms. One is pink and one is blue!

Shut up already and show us some photos!


Just kidding! I wish that was my house. I did use the color inspiration for my breakfast nook area. It's a house for lease as a store in our new town.

 Did someone say breakfast? Where's the bacon?

Here is one less door...

Here are a few photos of Elena's room in various stage of progress. First thing I did was paint the walls. They were a dingy white now they are "Peppa Pig" pink, according to Elena. You'll see more Peppa Pig soon I promise! The carpet had to go...but I like the old roller shades.


I actually had to repaint the baseboards. What a pain. And I have to do it in the master bedroom too. Flooring is ready to install but not quite there yet.


I also needed to paint the back of this door since it had some blemishes. What do you think of the color? It's called "brushed lavender".

It's typical that we've not moved in yet and I already have a little Halloween decor set up on our mantle.

I'll leave you with some before and after photos of the front yard area. this is just the side by our driveway. The front yard proper is very formal (well, compared with where we were living previously it's formal!) with pruned boxwoods, columns and all. After it was cleared (Thanks honey) I moved in the old wheelbarrow and some transplants.
The worst was that poor crepe myrtle that is suffocating the medium aged pecan tree behind it. You can see the tree in the below photos. There is a lot of useless (and suffering) shrubbery at this house that is getting systematically butchered. 

Super happy with the product so far. There are some annuals, irises, a yucca, roses, and going to add salvia soon.

Stay tuned I also made some marmalade...drool...and I have Elena's halloween costume to come.


  1. You almost had me fooled with that first photo! I was thinking, well, real estate *is* a lot cheaper out there, oh, I am SO JEALOUS. Haha. Your house looks great - I can't believe how much work you've done!! You don't need me my secrets on sewing, I need yours on balancing work, family, and home improvements!

    1. Ha I knew I would fool someone! That house is truly spectactular I have been inside and it's all restored with some lovely details. Anyways, thanks for the kudos it has been a ton of work! I miss sewing though so I'm glad Halloween costuming is forcing me to get some done!


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